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Overlook Kannawa Hot Spring from the Yukemuri (Hot Spring Steam) Lookout

 Beppu boasts Japan’s largest number of fountainheads and largest amount of water output. Eleven types of springs exist on the earth, and we have confirmed all but one of them in Beppu.
 In this spa resort representing Japan, Beppu, there are eight unique hot spring-areas which are collectively called Beppu Hatto; Beppu, Hamawaki, Kamegawa, Kannawa, Shibaseki, Myoban, Kankaiji, and Horita.
 A Live webcam vision over Kannawa area at the Yukemuri Lookout where is one of the most typical hot spring areas with diverse Jigoku (hellish hot springs). The Camera is broadcasting comforting images of rising hot spring steam.
 Beppu city’s steam landscape selected as the Designation of the Important Cultural Landscape; steam of Beppu and Hot spring landscape by law for the protection of Cultural Properties.


If unable to connect to the live image, please see the recorded image.